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finale, those who don't follow the game might ask for a timeout for an explanation. fortunately for them, our bill geist will be here to help. >> reporter: friends do you find that people at this time of year always treat you like you're invisible or some sort of space alien just because you don't know football? >> this is our goal line. we have four downs right? >> reporter: attend a free crash course for football dummies later on sunday morning. >> we can either run it or pass it for two. >> reporter: you'll be amazed at the results. so will your family, friends and coworkers. >> this is called a helmet. and the helmet fits on your head. >> osgood: rit a braver looks at the past and future of exploration by "national geographic." steve hartman shows us snow flakes that comfort and heel. faith salie struggles to create the perfect computer password and more. but first here are the headlines for this sunday morning the 13th of january 2013. today is the first anniversary of the giant cruise ship cost a concordia going aground off the rocks off tuscany. there was a mass and moments of sil
system itself. right now, sacrifices are the order of the day. governments don't have enough money maintain social services. they are not paying pensions on time. today an elderly person has to get along in ukraine on about $20 a month. and half of that has to go for rent and utilities. eckstein: this is bela. she lost her entire family in world war ii, in the holocaust, all 13 members of her family were lost. today's wednesday and she tells me the last time she had a meal was sunday. she is elderly. she is alone. and she has no hope other than the hope we can bring and she has no hope other than the hope we can bring to her. hoffman: the food box is our most basic form of aid. it has a number of basic commodities in it such as flour, rice, sugar, canned fish, cooking oil and a few other items. this box is designed as a diet supplement. when the funds are available we would like to be able to provide a box on a monthly basis to the tens of thousands of those who are in need. unfortunately, we are only able to deliver these boxes about two or three times a year to most of the nee
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2